IAT443 Video Sculpture


Power of Free Speech
The right to freedom of speech, or the freedom of expression, is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as "the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression".
Freedom of speech provides people the right to say what you want without being censored. The power of free speech is to empower people to express their attitudes in order to make an unconstrained flow of information. The notion of freedom of expression is closely linked to political debate and the concept of democracy. Without the freedom of speech democracy could not function properly since the people who control what is being said will be able to control the results of the election.  
Among the ideas we have brainstormed, the idea of a mask resonates our team the most. It evokes the concept of human expression. Starting from there, we have further developed our concept to freedom of speech. And finally, narrowed it down to censorship.
Form | Material
The video sculpture includes a 16 x 2 LCD screen. Artificial eyeballs operated by 4 servo motors. 1 buzzer, 8 LED lights, and a wireless keyboard. All the materials are embedded in a custom made canvas frame, which of the size of 24 x 30.
Hand-made eyeball with pingpong ball painted over with high gloss hardener.
Layers of paint sparyed on to the canvas. Splash of red paint across the canvas.
LCD screen displays sentences with blank spaces. The audience can type in what they think fits the sentence. Then the sculpture detects whether the answer is expect or unexpected that leads to different reactions. If the answer an audience entered is not the same with the answer the sculpture has, the buzzer will ring,random numbers of eyeballs will open up, staring at the audience.
Our intention is to evoke the tension of being censored. 
We would like to further develop this project to inhance its interactivity with the audience. Applying Kinnect's face tracing technology. Our sculpture can detect the movement of the audience. Using motors that rotate around both x axis and y axis, the motion of the eye can be more realistic by staring at the audience according to their positions.
Possible component: P-528 Precision Piezo Z/Tip/Tilt Stage: 2 x Rotation + Z

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